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Here is a spotlight of some of our Fellows’ current work.
From the March 2017 Issue of the Journal of Marketing*:
What to Do When a Sales Rep Leaves?

When a sales representative (rep) leaves a B2B firm, the firm must reassign the rep’s customers to different sales reps (either existing reps or new hires) to minimize the loss of sales following the rep’s departure.  In this research, in partnership with an Institute member, the authors show that sales rep departures lead to 13.2%–17.6% losses in annual sales and that new hires are less effective than existing sales reps in mitigating sales losses. Existing sales reps who have similar industry experience to those who they are replacing are significantly better at mitigating losses than those without such similar experience.  However, high performing sales reps do not exhibit greater efficacy for mitigating sales losses than do average or low-performing sales reps. The authors show how best to (a) estimate the economic consequences of losing a sales rep and (b) how best to reassign customers to new and existing sales reps when a departure takes place.

Seminal Research Findings

The Institute has supported, led and partnered on hundreds of research projects since its inception more than 30 years ago. Here are some of the seminal B2B research results that have emerged just from our Fellows.

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The Institute is focused on three exciting research programs, which are defined and driven largely by practice. We welcome and encourage companies’ participation in these programs.

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The Institute’s academic newsletter communicates with and connects to academic and PhD students around the world who share an interest in B2B. We actively seek the contributions from engaged readers around the world.

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The ISBM PhD Seminar Series (IPSS) offers a range of short, PhD-level seminars in B2B Marketing. The Institute typically offers 4 such courses each year, open to qualified PhD students around the world.


Each year, the Institute holds a global doctoral dissertation support award competition. Since its inception in 1990, the ISBM has supported 94 competition winners from universities around the world.

B2B Handbook

The B2B Handbook contains 38 chapters, each of which lays out what is known about that aspect of B2B, what that knowledge means to practitioners and what key research issues lie ahead for the field. Edited by Fellows and ISBM Professors Gary Lilien and Raj Grewal, it’s the definitive treatment of the leading edge of B2B.